Vlerick Vastgoed, the group’s real estate pillar, is an important player in project development as well as in managing property assets. Vlerick Vastgoed’s ambition is to realise unique, very qualitative real estate projects. Its portfolio is composed of both professional and residential projects, mainly in Belgium and Eastern Europe. These projects are often done in co-operation with partners also active in this sector.


Some examples of recent or ongoing projects.


This residential housing development, in co-operation with Gands, consists of 49 modern apartments with a green inner zone.


The first phase of this unique residential housing project is being realized in co-operation with LC Consult. Under the banner ‘Urban Life in a Green Environment’ detached or duplex houses as well as grouped houses will be built, all enjoying both a private garden and a beautiful park.

Brasov Business Park

Brasov Business Park is a high-end business park in Brasov, a centrally located and economically important city in Romania. Phase 1, comprising two office towers, has been completed. The business park is fully operational, enjoying an A-class rated office space and a state-of-the-art business centre.