Acting as an independent and internationally active financial and industrial group, the Vlerick Group’s ambition is to create long-term value.

Our core principles are the following

Pooling of strengths

We strongly believe in joining forces with complementary partners. As such, we have merged over the years a number of previously wholly-owned companies with other companies, both domestically and internationally. Additionally, we invariably emphasise the people aspect related to an investment and only seek to team up with people we like, admire and trust.



In keeping with the group’s legacy, we look for and strive towards entrepreneurial spirit and zeal.

Long-term vision

We provide patient capital. We are not constrained by any short-term financial targets but rather look through cycles in order to create sustainable value.




Social relevance

We strongly favour opportunities and activities that have a tangible positive value for society at large. We favour direct investments in companies to support the real economy.