Investment segments

Listed companies

Preferably via infusion of growth capital into a company.


Mature private companies

We invest in private companies that combine attractive returns on their capital with credible but ambitious growth plans.


Early stage companies or companies in need of fresh capital

We also invest in early stage companies or companies having suffered a sharp downturn. Such investments are based on careful analysis of the feasibility of the proposed business plan as well as on our belief and trust in the entrepreneur.

The human factor is critical. We only team up with entrepreneurs we like, admire and trust.

Our unique selling proposition as a partner

The Vlerick Group is a long-term investor providing patient capital and offering the entrepreneurs the necessary trust and leeway to realise their ambitions.

Operational interference is therefore limited, although the Vlerick Group always remains an active investor and strives to add value. This includes helping to outline a company’s strategic direction and objectives as well as contributing via our relevant network and knowhow .